Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Traffic...Where does it come from?

Blogging update: I have been blogging for almost 2 months now and I am loving it. I have found that with time traffic to my blog has increased. When I first started I wondered how much traffic "mommy blogs" get and now I have some statistics, which I get from Google Analytics.  I also use the statistics from Blogger, but Google Analytics is a more detailed.  The first month I had:

195 Visits
899 Pageviews
4.61 Pages/Visit
47.69% Bounce Rate
00:07:19 Avg. Time on Site
55.38% % New Visits

So, the next question is where is the traffic coming from?  I have been to numerous "mommy blog" social networking sites.  The sites that have sent me the most traffic in my first month of blogging have been:

1.  Mom Bloggers Club (MBC) - A network with over 11,000 mom bloggers!

2.  Twitter 

If you want to build on your blog traffic, once you join these networking sites, you need to network.  Join some of the groups, start discussions and share your blogs!