Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Social Networking Profile

Have you checked your social networking profile's lately?  Once I am a member to a social networking site, I like to network.  So, I check out other bloggers profile pages so that I can visit their blog and find new people to follow. In doing that, I have noticed that some people have incomplete url addresses listed, so I cannot visit their site.  I know it happened to me once and my friend had to tell me to correct it.  Once, I in the friendliest way possible sent a private message to someone to let them know, but no response!  I asked my husband if he thought I should have said something and he said "no".  So, for now on I will keep it to myself and just pass on to others to check your pages!  It is something that I do often for my profile pages, blog and blog posts.

Next Post: A list of some social networking sites for "Mommy Bloggers".