Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sites that Offer Free Blog Templates!

Now that you have your Blog Name and have started to post, it is time to find a template.  I think that having a nice template is just as important as the content of your blog. You may not want to put out any money just yet if you are new to blogging, so I found some sites that offer free templates.  Once your site is established and you decide you are going to stick with it, these sites also offer customized templates.  These sites really have nice templates, for free!  Check them out!

1. Blogger Templates

2. A Blog To Brag About

A Blog to Brag About

3. April Showers Blog Design

4. The Posh Box Web Design

The Posh Box Web and Blog Designs

5. Leelou Blogs

Leelou Blogs

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