Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Blogging Journey

My blogging journey has been a short one, but I have found out so much in this little time.  One day my mother suggested that I start blogging, so I dived right in and have been doing it every since.  I actually set up a blog with Blogger back in 2009 but only did a couple of posts.  Now, that I am actively blogging I will try to give you the information that I have gathered and continue to gather to help you along your journey as well.

My next post will be about: Choosing a Blogger Name


  1. Hi, I am fairly new to blogging as well. There is so much to learn. Thank you for the helpful tips.
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    Thanks, take care:)

  2. Hello Kelly! Thanks for stopping through! I am glad the information was helpful. I will definitely check out your blog:) You can visit my blog at: